Natural Diamonds

Diamonds exist underneath the earth and are made using carbon, are both an actually happening and fabricated grating. It is the hardest substance known to man. Natural diamonds develop at high pressure high temperature (HPHT) conditions in the earth’s mantle between 85 to 125 miles underneath. It takes about 1 to 3 billion years for a natural diamond to frame underneath the earth. Once shaped, a precious stone goes to the earth’s surface by means of floods of liquid rock. All through this procedure, natural diamonds procure considerations as well as blemishes inside them that give them their own particular interesting "unique finger impression".

People tend to prefer natural diamonds over the enhanced or treated diamonds for their individual fingerprint and its rarity. It will surprise you to know that no two natural diamonds can be identical. Hence, natural diamonds are unique, it may be because of its color or clarity or even both. Diamonds can be of different various sizes (carats), shapes, colors, and clarities.

HPHT Natural Diamonds
Less than 1% Diamonds in the world can became HPHT Diamonds. HPHT Natural diamonds are formed after processing the natural diamonds under high pressure high temperature conditions with the help of high capital-intensive machines in a factory. It is done to make the diamond look crystal clear and remove flaws from it. The diamond achieves the highest clarity and highest color after the HPHT process. HPHT process also allows adding colors to the natural diamond. HPHT natural diamond is an extremely beautiful stone which never fades because the outcome achieved by the HPHT process is permanent. We have a wide range of GIA certified HPHT diamonds and we are the HPHT diamond distributors who sell these diamonds at wholesale rates.

Enhanced or Treated Diamonds
The expression "enhanced" may seem like a positive component, but any diamond that has been enhanced has been dealt with and changed from its characteristic condition to enhance its appearance artificially. Enhanced or treated diamonds, dissimilar to amazing regular natural diamonds are normal jewels that have had certain treatments done to them to enhance their qualities, or their common "defects". One kind of treatment is laser penetrating, which is a procedure that evacuates minor considerations in a diamond to deliver a clarity improved natural diamond. This procedure will regularly make lines that look like minor trails, which are unmistakable under side-view amplification. The laser may disseminate the flaw, or chemicals might be infused into the subsequent passage to dye away the shading. This is a more changeless procedure than break filling.

One other sort of enhanced diamond treatment is called HPHT (high pressure high temperature). HPHT is a treatment procedure that General Electric created to change the shade of the diamond permanently. Initially, it was used to transform yellowish color diamonds into fancy colored diamonds. Similarly this process is also used to transform yellow or cocoa colored diamonds into colorless diamonds which look flawless and good. HPHT includes putting a precious diamond stone into a weight chamber and crushing it at high pressure high temperature for a short period of time.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI) etc. which are renowed jewelry certification organizations provide certifications to HPHT diamonds which increases the credibility of such HPHT diamonds. We are the HPHT diamond wholesalers for the enhanced or treated diamonds.

Natural Diamonds HPHT Natural Diamonds
They are natural diamonds formed beneath the earth. They are natural diamonds which are further processed to add color and remove flaws
Lattice defects and impurities bring color in a natural diamond Fancy color can be added to these diamonds
They are untreated diamonds They are enhanced or treated diamonds
They are not enhanced diamonds, only minor blemishes can be polished away Highest clarity and color can be achieved after the HPHT process.