HPHT Diamonds FAQ

QWhat does HPHT stand for ?
AHPHT stands for High Pressure, High Temperature.
QWhat is HPHT Process?
AHPHT is a diamond color enhancement process performed only on rare Type 2a diamonds with the highest structural integrity and clarity grades. The process mimics the same geological conditions that the earth uses to uncover colorless and white diamonds
QWhat are the benefits of buying HPHT Diamonds?
AThe major benefits of buying HPHT natural diamonds is having the ability to own a gorgeous diamond, with the highest clarity and color grades, larger sizes and substantial savings than an unprocessed diamond. We also believe that given the rarity of these diamonds, demand will become stronger and prices will increase in future.
QWhy buy an HPHT processed diamond
AOf course, it is up to you - the consumer - to decide about buying HPHT processed diamond. We, as veteran diamond manufacturers and traders with decades of diamond and diamond jewelry retail experience under our belt, can only stress that HPHT processed diamonds are as beautiful but simply much more affordable than unprocessed, natural diamonds of identical color, clarity, cut and carat weight. However, since the technology of the HPHT process is quite new, HPHT processed diamonds are currently significantly less expensive than non-enhanced diamonds. We predict that, with time, the HPHT technology will become more familiar to the public and that the demand for HPHT diamonds will increase accordingly, as will their price. Therefore, we believe that HPHT processed diamonds are a good investment. The choice is yours. We, on our part, will be happy to give you our best service.
QIs the HPHT process reversible
ANo, HPHT processed diamonds cannot be reversed to its original state, meaning that the “color” or “colorlessness” that is achieved by the process is permanent!
QAre your HPHT diamonds certified by a recognized gemological laboratory
AYes, they are! All our diamonds are accompanied by a diamond grading report issued by a reputable, internationally renowned gemological laboratory (GIA, IGI).
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