Colorless HPHT diamonds

HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) process can be utilized to improve the shading evaluation of earthy brownish or grayish sort IIa diamonds to colorless diamonds which are absolutely clear and flawless. Natural non treated diamonds of sort IIa display a progression of run of the mill little photoluminescence tops which has a tendency to be toughened (expelled) by HPHT treatment. HPHT treatment expels or seriously constricts the vast majority of the PL crests present in untreated diamond stones. We are the HPHT diamond suppliers serving millions of customers.

Fancy Colored Diamonds
Fancy colored diamonds are delicate, delightful, and uncommon. From energetic pink diamonds to dumbfounding dark; the universe of precious stones is not a colorless one. Pink diamonds are the most precious diamonds of all fancy colored diamonds. Actually, there's an entire range of diamonds to investigate.

Maybe as a result of their dynamic shades, there is a typical conviction that fancy colored diamond stones are costlier. Be that as it may, this isn't generally the case. There are particular elements that decide the cost of a shaded diamond – keeping in mind some are in fact costly, there are sensibly valued stones accessible too.

While clarity and carat have essential influence in the reviewing of a colorless natural diamond stone, fancy colored diamonds’ quality and cost depend fundamentally on the quality of their shading. Diamonds that show solid, solitary shading get higher costs than those with weak shading or an optional tone. At the point when purchasing fancy colored diamond stones, consider the shape and proposed setting since specific shapes and settings can accentuate the shading.

In diamonds, the value depends on the rareness of the diamond. The rarer the diamond, the more is its value and vice-versa . With extravagant fancy colored diamonds—the ones outside the ordinary shading range—the rarest and most important hues are soaked pinks, blues, and greens. In all cases, even exceptionally slight shading contrasts can bigly affect esteem.

Contrasted with extravagant yellow diamonds and tanned diamonds, diamonds with an observable insight of some other shade are impressively more uncommon. Indeed, even in light tones and powerless immersion, even if they show shading in the face-up position, they qualify as extravagant fancy colored diamonds. Red diamonds, green diamonds and blue diamonds’ with medium to dull tones and direct immersions are to a great degree uncommon.

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