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Largest Manufacturer of HPHT Diamonds

Shashvat Jewels was founded by Mr. Mansukhbhai Sadhani four decades ago in Surat, Gujarat, the diamond city of India. Initially, we started with a small manufacturing unit of cut and polished diamonds but have now established ourselves as the HPHT diamond suppliers with a wide customer base in the domestic and international market.

It is now headed by second generation Mr. Piyush Sadhani having 25 years of rich experience in Diamond and Jewelry Industry. Diamond and Jewelry business has always remained our family business, which is now adopting all technological advancement in the field of manufacturing and marketing of HPHT natural diamonds. His involvement in procurement of rough diamonds from the international market, different stages in polishing process, interaction with domestic and overseas customers has given him a very wide exposure in the jewelry industry. Giving better services to the customers and maintaining international quality at competitive prices has always been his philosophy. Shashvat Jewels sells diamonds under its brand name - HPHT Diamonds.
HPHT Diamonds


We entered the HPHT diamonds business in the year 2011. Shashvat Group has got its manufacturing facilities of cutting and polishing in Surat, India. The factory is well equipped with latest and high capital-intensive machines for the production of flawless diamonds of highest clarity through HPHT process.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Long journey of four decades in the diamond business has enabled us to accumulate rich experience in the understanding of different markets and their different needs which in turn led us to adopt innovative technology for better cost control and uniform grading system. We have got an opportunity to serve all the leading markets like USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Bangkok, etc. During this period we have earned reputation for quality and reliability by serving our customers and getting in a long term relationship with them. We have always worked towards being one of the major HPHT diamond distributors in the world right from our inception.

With our own five storey factory cum administration unit, spread in the area of 20,000 sq. ft. in the heart of Diamond Market in Surat, Shashvat Jewels is well placed to support and service its jewelers and customers. The office is well equipped with all latest diamond grading and assorting equipments. It also has all types of communication facilities which ensure that they are always reachable to serve the customers from different parts of the world and help us to be better HPHT diamond wholesalers with each passing day.

Our diamonds are Natural Earth-mined diamonds, which are enhanced by a mechanism called as ‘High Pressure & High Temperature (HPHT)’ to change the color of the diamond. The colors are permanent and do not change over its lifetime and are certified by GIA. All our diamonds are of Type 2A are the most pure diamonds. There are white colors (such as D, E, F, etc.) and also in Fancy Colors such as Pink, Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue, etc. We have major Rounds as well have many other shapes like Pears, Marquise, Emerald, Cushion, Heart, Princess, etc. They are much cheaper than the Natural un-enhanced diamonds, and have the same beauty and luster like them. The diamonds when mined from the earth have color impurities which are removed by the process of HPHT, and the color upgrades, due to which they are much more affordable

We have a variety of shapes, colors and sizes of HPHT loose diamonds. We are the largest HPHT diamond manufacturer of in terms of pieces. Fulfilling customer’s requirements has always been our primary motto. We strive to provide all our clients in the supply chain with the utmost quality in both product and customer support.

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